Packable Straw

March 16, 17

Packable Straw Fedora Hat

We are very proud to introduce our most innovative design yet- a packable straw, that feels and looks like our Panama Straw. We wanted to design a hat that didn't require as much maintenance as our Panama hats, but had a similar elegance and quality.

There are many lesser quality packable hats on the market, made from paper that can be crushed and folded.  What they all lacked was the characteristics of actual straw. Straw fibers have a depth and dimension that you can't recreate from one-dimensional paper. So I sought out to take the flexibility of the paper hats and the characteristics of straw and blend the two, culminating in a hat that looks and feels like our Panama fibers, but isn't as fragile.

We created this straw with an incredibly durable fiber at its core. You can roll and pack it for up to 1 day and it will return to its pristine condition.  


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