Our mission is to build a business that enriches the lives of our employees, artisans, the customers we serve, the communities we are a part of, and the world in which we live. In doing so, we are guided by the principle of conscious consumption. By challenging the current narrative around environmental impact and raising the collective standard on sustainability, we aim to narrow the intention-action gap often seen within the fashion industry.

While no product-based company can be completely sustainable, we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve our processes in order to create products that not only minimize our impact, but also have a reciprocal impact with our environment and community. Living a sustainable and conscious life is a continuous journey. So, we are opening a dialogue on how, together, we can create a sustainable lifestyle and avoid damaging fashion practices at the business, manufacturing, and consumer level.


Our business is anchored by the respect we have for our customers, vendors, retail partners and our local communities. Internally, we foster working practices that prioritize quality of life, wellbeing and open communication for every individual on our team. We value and encourage diversity of culture, religion, ethnicity, identity, thought, ideation, belief systems and lifestyle choices. Our community is one that demands only kindness, respect and integrity. We hope you will join us.


Since inception, Janessa Leoné has been committed to fostering a conversation around conscious consumption. It’s not enough for us to say we are merely looking for sustainable options. Where we can, we are looking to take it a step further, toward regenerative practices that can have a reciprocal impact on the environment, benefiting the land, animals, and people we work with. We subscribe to the ethos of buying fewer but higher quality essentials that transcend trends and will last for many years to come.


We only partner with vendors and factories who share our values. We prioritize employee well-being, sustainable practices, responsibly sourced materials, and quality craftsmanship in the creation of every Janessa Leoné item. From the farms where we source wool and leather, to our manufacturers and production facilities in Los Angeles, New York, Pennsylvania, Madagascar, and Ecuador, to our shipping warehouse, we demand supply chain transparency, ethical work environments and environmental accountability from every partner who touches our products.


Our sweaters are produced entirely in the U.S. with 100% Shaniko Wool Company RWS certified and carbon-negative fine, undyed Merino Wool allowing for a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditionally dyed wool that is sourced through a globalized supply chain.

This collection reimagines the way we produce and consume clothing, transforming the relationship between what we wear and the land from where it is sourced. In optimizing the nexus of climate change mitigation, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and wool production, we are establishing a circular fashion culture that benefits the wearer, the producer, and the global climate.


The American Merino wool we use is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), ensuring that the wool comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land and from sheep that have been treated responsibly, as well as ensuring the welfare of the workers. It allows full traceability and requires third-party audits on the land and animals.

Merino and Rambouillet sheep raised in the American West provide our ultra-soft, luxurious wool. RWS-certified farmland is managed using methods that protect soil health, biodiversity, and native species. The sheep play a vital role in revitalizing the land they graze on, a natural process where growth is stimulated by their grazing of the land, land that is then rested before being farmed or grazed again.


We only use wool that is sustainable and cruelty free. Our 100% virgin wool refers to wool that has never been used before, resulting in the softest, finest wool available. We clean, scour, and dye our wool in our employee owned factory in the United States. From shearing the wool, to hand polishing a finished body, our hats pass through 50 skilled artisan’s hands. Our wool hats are made with the highest quality and a focus on intentional design.

100% Virgin Wool refers to wool that has never been used before. This distinction means that it is both stronger and higher quality than recycled wool, which is shredded in order to use again.  This also means virgin wool is softer and more resilient. Pure virgin wool has many beneficial properties — it’s thermoregulating in both warm and cold climates, water-repellent, wrinkle resistant, and naturally odor and stain resistant.


Raffia is known for its strength and durability. The lightweight and strength of these fibers make it an excellent material for hats. Raffia fibers are sourced from the raffia palm. The individual fibers are harvested from the frond leaf and are dried and woven into hats.


The process of hand weaving Panama Straw requires precision and skill. Each straw hood is woven from natural toquilla straw grown in Ecuador. Each hood is woven by a single weaver and takes anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete the weaving process. Panama straw is weather resistant and provides natural UV protection. Due to the handwoven pattern, each hat is considered one of a kind.


This straw is derived from natural and renewable Seagrass straw. These fibers undergo a long process of being boiled and dried before they are handwoven into the bodies, which are then stiffened and blocked into a hat.


Our packaging is 100% compostable, made with 100% recycled materials, printed with eco-friendly inks and made with post consumer recycled materials. It’s fully recyclable and compostable.

100% Recyclable

100% Biodegradable

100% Compostable

Printed with water-based inks

Made in the US