Quality Artisan Raffia Straw

Why We Chose Raffia Straw

We chose to work with raffia for its unparalleled quality and unique properties. Unlike straw, high-quality raffia is supple, smooth, and remarkably cool to the touch. Evolving over millions of years to withstand harsh elements, raffia is nature's durable yet pliable fiber, capable of bouncing back into shape even after facing strong winds. Its natural hydrophobicity allows rain to bead off, keeping you dry underneath your hat. Additionally, the fiber's waxy coating, developed from eons of sunlight exposure, not only keeps you cool but also provides natural UV protection.

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Handcrafted Design Takes Time

Handmade in: 3 days

Handmade in: 4.5 days

Handmade in: 6 days

Origins of Raffia Straw

Our raffia straw begins its journey as the vibrant leaves of the Raffia Palm. Sourced from the finest palms found in Madagascar, the leaves undergo a meticulous process to transform into the luxurious material we use in our designs.

Once harvested locally, the leaves are carefully stripped to extract the long, fibrous strands. These strands are then dried and graded based on their length, width, and color, ensuring only the most exceptional raffia is selected for our hats. This process, conducted locally in Madagascar, not only upholds our commitment to quality but also supports the livelihoods of many families in the region.

Artisan Raffia Straw 

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