6.30 AM

I wake up and the first thing I do is write down 3 things I'm grateful for before I get out of bed.

7.00 AM

My boyfriend makes the coffee every morning and the smell is what usually gets me out of bed. We enjoy coffee on the front porch and watch the sun start to peek over the houses. 

8.00 AM

In this quarantine, I'm finding my sanity in running around our neighborhood.

9.00 AM

It's necessary for my mental health to keep a schedule. I find it very helpful for my day to actually get dressed in the morning. For me, getting ready for work is like a ritual and prepares me to shift into business mode for the day even if that is in my own house.

10.00 AM

Usually I'm 20% CEO and 80% designer. Right now, while the industry is reeling from the crisis, I am a contract lawyer, Real estate broker, financial analyst, risk mitigator, and crisis negotiator. It’s hard to find the balance right now, but I’m finding the importance of creating boundaries around work and stress. We start our day with a team wide Zoom meeting, and then it's off to the races managing the business.

12.00 PM

I'm a stress baker. I've perfected a paleo banana bread that has become a daily necessity.

1.00 PM

Around this time, the stress of the day starts to get so overwhelming that I'm not as effective at problem solving as I should be. I use this as an opportunity to take 20 minutes to do a breathing meditation. My favorite technique is Box breathing. I inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, and hold again for 5 seconds. You go through this rhythm for the duration of your meditation. Without fail, it shifts my ability to manage stress and be able to show up for the hard tasks that are ahead of all of us right now.

2.00 PM

I like reset my day with creative exercises. Right now, our upcoming product releases are on pause while our supply chain is shut down, but I know we will come through this and I can't wait to develop new products again. I am using this time to allow the stillness to seep into my creative process and explore new mediums so I can design effectively when our development teams are back in our factories.

5.00 PM

A well deserved glass of wine, if I do say so myself.

6.30 PM

I love being home to make dinner. We are lucky to live nearby a world renowned farmer's market, so we always have fresh vegetables stocked in the house. Like design, my cooking technique is pretty minimal. When the ingredients are high quality, it doesn't take much to make a really good meal.