How To Store Your Hats at Home

A guide to storing your Janessa Leoné hats at home and keeping them in original shape.

How to Store Your Hat21 Mar ' 19


Below are ways we recommend you to store your Janessa Leoné hat. Please note that if you plan on storing your hat away for a longer period, it is best to make sure that you have cleaned it properly before storing it away. This means brushing off any dust or other particles that might cause damage. This applies to all hat types both felt and straw.

On A Shelf

When storing your hat on a shelf, it’s important to flip the hat upside down and store it on its crown, not its brim. Storing your hat on its brim for a long period will put pressure on the brim causing it to change from its original shape. Avoid exposure to dust or direct sunlight, these are both harmful and can increase the likelihood of your hat being damaged or discolored. If you decide to use this option as a more decorative option for your home, make sure that the depth of the shelf can accommodate your hat as any creasing of the brim will also cause distress to the original shape.

Hang it On The Wall

You can hang your hat on the wall using a nail, but we suggest covering the tip of the nail with a foam ball so that the sharp tip of the nail does not damage your hat. This is a great way to make any home or living area warm and welcoming while adding some style. It is also a very easy way to stay organized while showcasing your handmade quality hats.

Wool Care

Avoid exposing wool hats to excess moisture as the wool can become stained and damaged by water. If your wool hat gets wet, take a clean towel and blot the excess moisture. Please allow it to dry naturally and do not blow dry or expose the hat to heat. If your hat needs a little tune-up, take a soft bristle brush or lint roller to clean off hair or dust. For a small stain on felt hats, we recommend using a felt sponge to clean the spot. For more severe stains, we suggest taking your hat to a local hat repair shop for professional cleaning.

To preserve the integrity of the crown, handle our wool hats by the brim when placing them on and off your head.

Packable Straw Care

Our packable straw hats are designed with a flexible core that is not intended to be exposed to moisture. If your hat gets wet, take a clean towel and blot excess moisture. Place it upside down on its crown and allow it to dry naturally. Do not blow-dry or expose the hat to heat.

It's important to note that this hat cannot be wet or damp before you pack it, otherwise it will dry in that position and will not unfold properly.

Panama Straw Care

Our Panama hats are naturally dyed and the color will evolve with time. This is not a defect, but instead an intention of the design. We use a brisa braid that is woven on a bias. As the colors start to evolve, they will form a unique patterned patina that adds character. Limiting direct sun exposure will slow color evolution.

If required, all of our hats should be professionally cleaned and reshaped. In some cases, a steamer can also be used to reshape small indentations. To preserve the integrity of the crown, handle our Panama hats by the brim when placing them on and off your head.

Store in a Hat Box

This is our suggested recommendation for storage. Any hat purchased through our online store (local pickup orders excluded) will be shipped in a protective hat box designed with a protective insert to support the crown of the hat evenly, so the shape will maintain over time. Store the box in a cool dry place.

Wool hats can be stored in plastic bags to protect them from dirt and dust. We strongly recommend that you do not put our Panama straw hats in a plastic bag, the lack of air dries the straw out and can cause it to break. Our hats are made from natural materials and can change color and shape if exposed to long periods of heat, sun, and moisture.

Specialty Straw Care

Our luxury specialty straw hats require delicate care. We recommend storing all our specialty straw hats upside down on their crown. Storing the hat on its brim will cause the brim to lose its shape over time.

These luxury specialty fibers are very fine and fragile. To preserve the integrity of the brim, please gently handle these hats by the brim when placing them on and off your head.

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