How To Pack Your Packable Hat

A comprehensive guide for packing your packable Janessa Leoné hat.
Packable Hats22 Feb ' 19

How To

Learn how to properly pack our packable straw hats - our most innovative design yet. We created this straw with an incredibly durable fiber at its core. You can roll and pack it for up to 1 day and it will return to its pristine condition whether you're traveling to the beach, abroad, or out for lunch.

There are many lesser quality packable hats on the market, made from paper that can be crushed and folded. What they all lacked was the characteristics of actual straw. Straw fibers have a depth and dimension that you can't recreate from one-dimensional paper. We sought out to take the flexibility of the paper hats and the characteristics of straw and blend the two, culminating in a hat that looks and feels like our Panama fibers, but isn't as fragile.


When packing your hat into your luggage or bag, it is important to note a few things before. Here are a few tips from our team to help ensure your hat stays protected during travel. These tips can also be applied to non-packable Janessa Leoné hats.

01 / Surround your hat with clothing or other soft fiber items to avoid any damage to the hat such as tears or punctures from sharp objects. Do not place any heavy objects on top of the hat that will force too much pressure. We highly recommend using a hat carrier or packing the hat in your purse or carry-on, to ensure your hat doesn’t get crushed.

02 / Beware of products that might spill while traveling, keep these items away from your packable straw hat. Products such as oils and lotions may ruin the straw. We recommend keeping these types of products in a plastic bag.

03 / Make sure your hat is completely dry before packing it away. If wet, the hat may dry while folded and won’t be able to properly return to its original shape. This includes packing wet items around or nearby the hat. It is also important to note that if you are traveling from a humid place, the hat should not be packed away in your luggage, the humidity gets trapped in your suitcase causing moisture that will permanently deform the hat. Instead, take the hat on the plane with you and place it in the overhead bin. Just don’t forget it!

04 / Do not store your packable straw hat in a plastic bag. The plastic bag will cause the straw to dry out and can cause cracking to the crown or brim.

How To Fold

Fold the hat in half lengthwise. This will cause the least amount of pressure on the crown and brim of the hat. Our packable straw hats are foldable, not crushable. If you apply too much pressure on the hat, it will crush the hat and create permanent folds. The key feature of these hats is that the straw fibers can withstand folding without breaking or compromising the fiber. As with any garment, steam should be applied to remove creases. This material was built to be more flexible than our Panama straw, but is still fragile.

How to Care

Our packable straw hats are designed with a flexible core that is not intended to be exposed to moisture. If your hat gets wet, take a clean towel and blot excess moisture. Place it upside down on its crown and allow it to dry naturally. Do not blow dry or expose the hat to dry heat. It's important to note that this hat cannot be wet or damp before you pack it, otherwise it will dry in that position and will not unfold properly.

How to Restore

Similar to most garments, hats can easily be restored and reshaped by simply applying steam to the fibers. We recommend using a traditional garment steamer. Alternative options are using steam from a teapot or iron (do not iron the hat directly). To get rid of any unwanted creases in your hat’s brim, crown, or band, simply apply steam evenly around the hat avoiding any direct contact or water spots. Steam until the hat is warm to touch, without being soaked through. Use your hands to gently reshape the hat. Allow it to dry in that position, leaving it overnight is best.

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