How to Care + Protect your Leather

Using our all-new Hat Care Kit, in collaboration with Attirecare.

20 Jul ' 21


20 Jul ' 21


Leather naturally holds residual oil and moisture, and over time this residual oil and moisture tend to vaporize through the apertures of the leather, causing it to eventually crack. Our leather cream is suitable to be used on all types of leather to prevent this from happening, whilst conditioning and providing the vital nourishment that all leather goods need. The leather cream cleans and protects, removing any unwanted dirt and oils still sitting on the surface of your beloved leather goods.


Leather Cream:

01/ Apply cream to a clean cloth or soft towel. 02/ Work the cream slowly in circular motion onto the leather being treated. 03/ Once leather is clean and you are satisfied with the result, revisit with the cloth and start to buff all over.

Protective Spray:

01/ Always shake well before use. 02/ Material should be clean and dry prior to application. 03/ Hold the bottle upright 6 to 8 inches from the hat. 04/ Spray evenly and cover the entire area of the surface being treated. 05/ Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. 06/ Repeat steps as necessary for best results.


Consume less by consciously caring for your treasured possessions. Proper storage, cleaning and maintenance of your new purchase will extend its lifespan. This thoughtfully considered leather care kit makes it easy to safely and gently spot-clean your UTILITÉ accessory, so it can be enjoyed for many years to come.