Autumn Winter 2021 | Now Available

19 Aug ' 21


Designed in Paris, France, our creative director was inspired by the everyday modern woman. By observing Parisian women commuting from place to place in the Autumn and Winter months, the collection was designed to be accessible, functional, and ideal for daily city life.


Photography: Cristophe Meimoon @meimoonc
Styling: Jean Michel Clerc @jeanmichelclerc
Production: Quadriga @quadriga_management
Cinematography: Charly Bonal @charly.bonal
Model: Marla Fabri @marlafabri
Beauty: Javier Palacio @hairpalacio


This collection includes everything from fedoras to ball caps. Each hat was designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors, from day to night. The materials used are ideal for weather resistance, regulating temperature, and feeling comfortable, all while making a statement.


At Janessa Leoné, we chose materials based on their quality and environmental impact. Through using a localized supply chain, we can reduce our carbon footprint and have the opportunity to work with incredible local partners to produce the best result with the least amount of excess, using recycled fibers whenever possible.

In this collection, our Merino Wool products are certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), ensuring the wool we use comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land and from sheep that have been raised and sheared responsibly.

For our fedoras, we use wool that is sustainable and cruelty free. Our 100% virgin wool is taken from a lamb’s first shearing resulting in the softest, finest wool available. We clean, scour, and dye our wool in our employee owned factory right here in the United States.