Angela is an abstract artist with a love for contrasts and simplicity. Her preferred materials are ink, plaster, acrylic and oil in a neutral color scheme. She's inspired by classic films, style, architecture and interior design. Angela's art is displayed at our headquarters, as well as our founder's home.

29 Mar ' 22

What is your daily routine?

I start the day with slow mornings drinking coffee and spending time with my husband. We talk about the day and what we’ll do. I journal. I gather source inspiration from favorite online sites and interior design books. These things get my thoughts going. Once I’m ready, I exercise my hands by creating small studies of work that I want to create on a larger scale.

My rituals include daily walks in the neighborhood to bathe in the sun, cooking nourishing meals for my husband and me and reading sacred Scriptures.

How do you disconnect?

Disconnecting is hard! But I disconnect from work by reading, watching documentaries, going to museums and antiquing to find things for our home.

Are there any specific items you keep in your studio to feel grounded?

I have to be surrounded by beautiful things! My must-haves are diffused natural light, music, vessels and objects, candles and lots of art and interior design books.

How has your environment inspired your art?

I live and work in Los Angeles. The abundance of sunlight is a dream! LA also offers access to very creative, ambitious minds, great museums, galleries and exhibits, natural beauty everywhere you turn and so many spaces that are thoughtfully executed.

The songs that fill my space with energy and atmosphere are:

Miles Davis - Générique
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations
Upperroom - Fairest
Khruangbin - White Gloves

Explore Angela's Art:
Office Photos By: M.K. Sadler
Angela Photos By: Rico Allen
Office Interior Design by: Sarah Karkenny