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A JL classic shape with hand polished dark brown wool, brown matte leather, and organza trim.


We only use wool that is sustainable and cruelty free. Our 100% virgin wool is taken from a lamb’s first shearing, resulting in the softest, finest wool available. We clean, scour, and dye our wool in our employee owned factory right here in the United States. From shearing the wool, to hand polishing a finished body, our hats pass through 50 skilled artisan’s hands.


- Beaver Hand Polished Wool
- Brim: 3"
- Crown: 4.75"
- 1" Espresso Leather Band
- 1 3/4" Black Organza
- Silver Screw Closure
- Made in the USA


54 cm - Small
56 cm - Medium
58 cm - Large

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