May 24, 2019

Janessa's In-Flight Essentials

In my life, I am always looking for ways to make things work more efficiently and optimize my body and therefore my productivity and creativity. Traveling to new places with friends and family, is one of my top priorities and is so restorative and important for all our lives- making us kinder, less stressed, and better at our jobs. But the travel itself can be stressful and overload our mind and body. Below are some tips that I have found to work for myself on flights that have helped ease the trials of air travel.

Janessa Leone Travel Essentials | Oils, Serums, Creams, and hydrating tips for flights

I am a believer in less is more, but when traveling, packing smart comes before packing light. In order to decide what to pack for maximum results, it’s important to outline what actually happens to your body while in-flight. First, you are overloaded with stressors from the moment you arrive at the airport whether it is slow-moving lines, luggage, or time restraints. Stress is taxing on the body and can lower your immunity. Secondly, you are faced with dehydration from low humidity levels in the air cabin and a shift in altitude, affecting your nose, throat, and skin. Without moisture in your nose, your cilia isn’t able to sweep out breathed in toxins or bacteria, lowering your first defense immunity response. In addition, you are receiving less oxygen while in-flight. This can affect your energy levels and contribute to jet lag. Lasty, if you are travelling across time zones, you are forcing sudden shifts to your body’s natural circadian rhythm causing more stress to your already compromised system.  

All of these factors play a role in your health and can affect the capacity to which you are able to enjoy the duration of your trip. The products below have allowed me to have a healthier travel experience, one that limits any harmful effects to my body's natural functions.



Sakara detox water for dehydration


Sakara's Detox Water Drops are perfect for carry on travel. I recommend using a few eye-droppers full in a glass of water for easy consumption. These drops are a travel essential, providing a full spectrum of antioxidants, minerals, and superfoods crucial for optimal health. Chlorophyll is a great digestive aid and liver detoxifier- both are crucial during travel when your body is trying to regulate your irregular meal times, sleep times, and increased cortisol levels.  Detox Water Drops are an easy way to up your intake of daily greens and reap the benefits for digestion and detoxification while traveling. You can purchase Sakara's drops here.


EO Hand Sanitizer Lavender for Immunity health when traveling


Being in contact with high traffic areas such as airports means taking extra precautions - like sanitizing. I believe that it’s healthy to be exposed to bacteria on a daily basis, but when you’re on a plane or at the airport- there are some concerningly high levels of bacteria.  I love these travel size pouches because they are perfect for your pocket or purse. I wipe the plane seat, arms, tv, tray table, seat belt, anything that gets touched a lot.Your seat is your sole environment for several hours, so I like to make it clean and healthy so my body can focus on regulating the stress from travel instead of fighting off the germs the person before me left. These wipes contain natural alcohol derived from sugar cane and freshly scented with pure essential oils. You can purchase these here.

Travel series | travel easy and smart immunity defense inner defense for air travel


I love this essential oil powerhouse supplement. It’s the ultimate weapon when your immune system is being compromised by your surroundings. These soft gels will quickly reinforce your defense system by creating an uninviting home for bacteria and infection. Available for online purchase here.


SUmmer Friday's Jet Lag Mask


I love lathering this mask on multiple times during a flight. It’s a great way to keep moisture locked in and keeping your skin hydrated. This uber-dewy, hydrating mask soothes dry, stressed-out skin by providing a nourishing mix of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts. Purchase the Jet Lag Mask here.


True Botanicals Hydrating Serum Oils, mists


The lack of humidity in the airplane causes your skin to become dehydrated, so I don’t shy away from lathering all the things on my face when I’m flying. I apply my true botanicals oil and mist every hour on the hour, you might get some looks from your seat mates, but it helps keep your skin balanced from the stress of the altitude and low moisture. Find true botanical products here.

Vitamin C Serum for flight Janessas favorite preventative skin hydrator


I use this Vitamin C daily, but it’s especially important during air travel. You are overloaded with a surge of toxins while travelling. From the jet fuel to the UV radiation at high altitude, your skin needs some extra support. Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant and acts as a physical barrier to free radical exposure. I mix this powder with my oil or serum and make sure my skin is covered. Find true botanical products here.


Luna Packable Straw Hat | Janessa Leone


No matter where you're headed, a hat is a must. Our packable straw hat is a great addition to your travel bag. Luna's flexible straw allow it to be packed in your carry-on bag for up to a day while being able to return to its original shape. Our packable straw hat has a UPF Rating of 45 which means it provides optimal sun protection while traveling and can easily be returned to your back for the trip home. Shop Luna here.

Blue Light protective glasses for in-flight



Blue light exposure from electronic screens and LED lights, particularly at night, throws off our biological clock - our circadian rhythm. Artificial blue light is taxing on our bodies and detrimental to a healthy sleep cycle. While I fly, I want to eliminate anything hard on my system, so I wear these every time I'm not sleeping (I then switch to a light blocking eye mask). You can also order these in prescription or with reading magnification, eliminating the need for contacts. Wearing contacts on your flight can cause discomfort due to the dry air and can cause your eyes to be more susceptible to infection. Purchase a pair of Boca Blu blue light glasses here.

Ear plugs for canceling noise on flights


The constant noise from the airplane engine is enormously fatiguing on our brains and body. When I started using earplugs on long flights, I found a huge improvement in my energy levels and overall fatigue and was more equipped to handle my jet lag. I try to stay away from noise canceling headphones because it inputs a frequency into your ear to trick your brain into not hearing the noise - but from a stimulus perspective it’s terrible- Noise blocking headphones are ok- but if they are cancelling that means they are adding more frequency emission. Shop earplugs here



I’m heading to Europe next week, so I am knee deep in planning and organizing. The apps below have been a  game changer for me and I hope they might help you as well. 

Tripit mobile app for traveling


This app scans your email for hotel, restaurant, planes, trains, activity confirmations and compiles it all into a very easy and helpful calendar. It keeps all the confirmation numbers, addresses, phone numbers attached to the day’s calendar. It’s available offline, so you won’t ever be without the important details of your trip. I’m all about removing any unnecessary stress- especially if you aren’t the most detailed oriented person (me).

Timeshifter mobile app for traveling and sleep


This app creates a plan several days before your flight to help you get on your destinantion’s time zone as quickly and symptom free as possible. You put in your flight information origin time zone and destination time zone and it gives you a detailed plan for when to  drink coffee, when not to drink coffee, when to expose yourself to bright natural light and then when you need to use your blue light blockers, when to sleep (even a time schedule of when to sleep on the plane). When you travel across several time zones, it’s impossible to eradicate the effects of jet lag completely, but a little planning and nurturing makes a huge difference.