July 22, 2019


Each of our straw bodies yield distinct functionality. We design and fabricate each style to serve a purpose, whether it be travel, sun protection, breathability, or even weather. This study of our current straw fibers will help you to better asses which straw is most fitting for your needs.  

mawisa straw with colombian artisan woven crown by janessa leoneMawisa straw is used exclusively in our Artisan Colombian Collection. One hat takes approximately eight hours to weave and is made with a single diagonal weaving technique that makes the hats remarkably strong and long-lasting using Mawisa straw. The level of detail found in this weave is often confused as a pattern woven by a machine, but this precision is achieved by hand because of these artisan's skill, agility, manual dexterity, dedication, and love of the craft.

The technique used in hat making is commonly called the "twill" technique or diagonally woven with flat threads or straw strips from isii or mawisa. This palm is transformed into flat strands that are woven with extraordinary detail. 

Mawisa straw hats are recommended for their durability and ability to withstand varying climates. 

 mawisa straw hats by janessa leone most protective straw from sun uv rays

wheat braid straw hat by janessa leone with upf rating 50+

Wheat braid straw makes up a large portion of our most protective hats. Due to the wheat braid's tight and thick weave, hats produced from this technique permit .02% of light and provide the highest rating of sun protection. These hats have been lab tested and successfully received a UPF rating of 50+. They have a heavier and more structured body that is ideal for leisure activities requiring sun protection. Our classic wheat braid straw style is Klint, which has continued to be our signature silhouette. 

Wheat braid straw hats by janessa leone about our straw hats

bao straw hat specialty straw about the straw janessa leone summer hats

Bao straw is one of our specialty straws that requires more care than the previously mentioned straw bodies. Bao straw is derived from Raffia and sourced from Madagascar palms and hand-woven to create a thin and soft weave. Bao is known for being an incredibly sustainable and renewable natural material that is biodegradable. Most of our bao straw hat styles are designed with stiffened straw creating beautiful flat-brimmed boaters and fedoras. To ensure the bao straw keeps its shape, we recommend avoiding any water or excess moisture. If your hat does get wet, we recommend occasionally applying steam to activate the stiffening agents to keep the hat's original shape.   

bao straw hats by janessa leone hats that are sustainable natural  


about panama straw methods panama straw hats by janessa leone


Natural panama is known worldwide to be one of the highest quality straws available. This fine straw is also known for its breathability and lightweight nature. The process of hand-weaving Panama Straw requires precision and skill. Each straw hood is woven from natural toquilla straw grown in Ecuador. Each hood is woven by a single weaver and takes anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete the weaving process. Panama straw is weather resistant and provides natural UV protection. Due to the handwoven pattern and the natural dye, each hat is considered one of a kind.



packable straw by janessa leone packable travel hats new technology for traveling


Our most innovative design yet- a packable straw, that feels and looks like our Panama Straw. We created this straw with an incredibly durable fiber at its core. You can roll and pack it for up to 1 day and it will return to its original condition. Because of its durability and lightweight nature, we recommend these styles for the traveler or anyone who can benefit from the ease of the packable feature. 

packable straw hats by janessa leone great for traveling. Womens summer hats foldable