April 14, 2020

AT HOME WITH // Akiko our Head of Production

6.30 AM

 Wake up (no photos before my coffee please).

7.30 AM

Step outside to check on my garden and get some sunlight - I've been neglectful this year but the rain from past weeks have sprouted some of the seeds I planted. I'm excited for some green beans and baby bok choy in the coming months.

8.00 AM

One thing I'm thankful for is having some extra time in the mornings since I don't have my one hour commute anymore. I use the time now to have a proper breakfast with coffee, sometimes outside.

9.00 AM

I've read that scent can be used as a powerful tool to get your mind to switch modes. I've converted half of my dining table into my workspace, so I need all the help I can get. I'm lighting my favorite sandalwood incense to try to trick my mind that no, it's not second breakfast.

10.00 AM

It's time for work! I highly recommend setting a relaxing desktop background for these stressful times.

3.00 PM

Did I eat lunch? Oh well, it's break time with some coffee and cake.

4.00 PM

Back to work! I need a change of scenery so I usually end up working on my couch towards the end of the day.

5.00 PM

I'll end my day with some fresh air. I'm feeling so lucky to have an outdoor space behind my home.

6.30 PM

Dinner with Chutney.