July 21, 2020



A short film series that celebrates the multi-faceted women who inspire our Packable Collection.  Functional hats designed for a modern lifestyle.


My name is Lizzie Fisher. 

I am Head of Digital Marketing at Janessa Leoné.


Meeting and working with people like Nicola, Sisilia, and Claire Thomas (Video Producer) who are not only multi-talented forces, but are also incredibly humble and inspiring humans. I also have the most amazing and supportive internal team.

Why is it important to have a flexible piece that you can throw into your bag?

I have noticed that over the years, most items I have held on to are those I can take with me anywhere. They are seasonless pieces that I can quickly throw in a weekender bag and know I am covered for whatever comes up. For me, a multi-functional item like this becomes a staple beyond the closet.


Space. I think space matters for creativity because it provides room for introspection, which can be a struggle when living in the busyness of the city. I picture the desert as being a challenging place, that is almost uninhabitable. But with that comes a limitless potential for growth and life. 




My name is Nicola Collie.

I'm a choreographer, dancer, and actor. Originally from New Zealand and I moved to the States six years ago.

Why did you move to the desert?

The desert disarms you in a way. It gives you the time to actually think about what's important to you and what you value and what you want to spend your time doing, and it forces you to slow down. I think that's important because we can fill our minds and days with so much busyness. But it's not really getting much done at the same time.  So I feel like it forces you into reassessing how you want to spend your time. 

What do you love about dancing outside?

Dance traditionally has been seen in a proscenium arch theater seating, which is, your traditional place to see dance. But I always found it to be, for lack of a better word, sort of undemocratic.  There are tickets and it can be unaffordable. So I started dancing outdoors when I used to live in New York and I didn't want to rent studio space and pay the money. So I'd go onto my rooftop because it was accessible and usually no one was there. Then when we moved to the desert, well, that was my environment. There's something about having to dance in a place that is not smooth or designed for dancing that forces your creativity. Restraint is the mother of invention.  Consequently, you see that in the movement, you suddenly have to be a lot more nimble. You have to know that there's a rock just over there that you might whack and I think I like the challenge of that. And plus, who wants to look at a studio when there's this? 

Why is it important to have a flexible piece that you can throw into your bag?

Well, for me, I'm not a precious person. I think it is incredibly important if you are someone that values a pragmatic garment and you want to be able to throw it around, throw it back on, or chuck it in the car. Anything looks better with character. I like it when things get beat up and start to look like they belong to you rather than you just got them straight off a shelf. Also, you’re not worrying about it. It is a piece that just morphs into being a part of you. Also, from an ethical or an environmental standpoint, something that has longevity and can take some hard knocks is always preferable to something that you have to be precious with. 





My name is Sisilia Piring.

I am a photographer, a mom of two, and recently I just started collecting vintage furniture that I'm selling out of my house. 

What inspires you about photography? 

What I love about photography is being able to completely change the mood of the feel of an image or story with color. I also really love meeting people and getting to know them through the documentation aspect of photography. I really love conveying the emotions and the stories of people and showing them in a visual way. 

What do you love most about living in the desert? 

I really love the energy that's out here in the desert. It's a bit quieter than I'm used to living in the city. It’s so vast and nature is everywhere. I just feel connected to my surroundings. 

What attracted you to interior design? 

I think I've always been attracted to interior design. My mom is a fashion designer, so I've always looked up to and her taste to build on. As I grew older, I wanted things of my own, my own style and to express myself and how I was feeling. And I think decorating my house is the perfect way to amplify that. 

Why is it important to have flexibility in your everyday fashion? 

I think it's important to have flexibility in my everyday fashion because I'm a mom. So I need things to be flexible. But I also like dressing up and I think having things to play with day to day is really exciting. Now that I live out in the desert, the sun is harsh so I'm drawn to this hat because it is functional and also chic. I have two kids, so they're constantly causing a ruckus. I really love the packability aspect, being able to throw in the bag last minute, going somewhere and it still remains its structure afterward. It's really great. 


instagram: @sisiliapiring

website: Sisilia Piring


Simone packable straw hat by janessa leone | women's sun hats great for traveling in the summer | straw flat brim fedora with leather band and gold screw detail made in los angeles