July 24, 2019

Janessa's European Travel Edit

Elsa was a perfect companion for the long sunny days outside in Provence's countryside. The straw's lightweight fibers were ideal for the arid Mediterranean climate. From browsing the farmer's market in the morning to an afternoon wine tasting, this hat kept me protected and allowed me to play into the provencal laid back spirit from daytime to evening.



I love how versatile and easy this hat is. I was able to easily roll it up in my purse while I popped in and out of the Roman churches and carry it around for extra protection. It's so lightweight and flexible.  It was my go-to hat when I would spend all day on the ocean and needed shade, but wanted to be able to lay out comfortably without fussing with a structured brim of a hat. 




Paris has a refined elegance that I love to tap into while I am visiting the city. The clean and structured lines of Jodi make it the perfect Parisian accoutrement. Wearing a short-brimmed boater around Paris can give anyone an air of confidence while getting lost in the romance of the city streets.