October 11, 2017

Exclusive Interview with True Botanicals Founder, Hillary Peterson

Discover the power of nature for yourself. 

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What is the TB standard of quality? What are the non-negotiables that you would never compromise in a product/ business?

Our standard for quality is, and always has been, incredibly effective and entirely nontoxic. That means that we refuse to compromise on efficacy or safety, because we deserve great results from our beauty routines, but never at the expense of our health.  To accomplish that,  it all comes down to sourcing the very best ingredients, including a thorough inspection of how they’re produced and preserved. Then we formulate potent, powerful products and test them to make sure they work as we intend.

How do you maintain the quality and integrity of the product while running a viable business in a cut throat industry so focused on bigger margins and  bottom line numbers?

The direct-to-customer business model makes it possible to create products without compromising our strict efficacy and safety standards. We’re another example of the disruptive business model, where you cut out the middlemen to save money and pass that savings onto the customer, leaving them with a much higher quality and more thoughtful product for a competitive price. We love what this model is doing for the world—not just in the skincare and beauty industry but everywhere.

In a society that is focused on purchasing “More” over  “Better” how do you get your customers to see the value in more conscious, quality choices?

We talk to people who have been convinced that they need a certain quantity of products and steps to get results. Then they use our face oil and realize for the same amount of money they’re spending on filling their cabinet, one product is giving them better results than all the others combined. Increasing millennials are demanding quality, thoughtful, efficacious products, so we have less convincing to do these days than ever before. Ultimately, it comes down to results. Our customers love our products because they work, and they work because we blend the most efficacious nontoxic, nourishing ingredients into powerful formulas. People often tell us their True Botanicals routine feels simple and easy and it’s giving them better results than ever. They see the benefits of “better” over “more.”

From a business perspective, the route TB has taken is the harder, less traveled road, What motivates you to continue pursuing natural, uncompromised skin care?

Women deserve better, and so does the planet. The industry has been selling harmful beauty products for too long, all in the name in profit, not results. Our entire team is motivated that we’re building a fast-growing company that not only benefits our customers, but also the farmers who grow our ingredients and the entire planet. It’s incredibly encouraging to see that our passion and transparency is resonating. We’re excited to continue making meaningful change in the beauty industry.

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