May 09, 2019

How to Style a Hat Wall

Our ‘How To’ guide for styling your walls with Janessa Leoné. If you happen to have several hats, you might understand how tricky it can be to store them all. Put your hat collection to good use by selecting a few of your favorites and displaying them throughout your home as decor. Use our styling tips below to master the art of the perfect hat wall. 

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Placement is a top priority when styling your wall. Pick an empty wall that is easily accessible. We love them over the bed, above a minimal counter space or in the hallway for a chic gallery effect. You can easily fetch one as you head out the door and replace it when you return home.

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In order to hang your hats and provide them with proper support, we recommend hanging with natural wooden wall mounts which can be purchased here. If you are trying to make due with just a hammer and a nail, we recommend creating a barrier between the hat and the nail by adding foam to soften the end of the nail. If the hat sits on the nail for too long, it may cause damage to the straw or wool. 

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One is the loneliest number, two is company, but three is a crowd - the best kind. We often prefer three, or an odd number. It can easily depend on the space and size of the wall. The bigger the wall, the more the merrier.

Janessa Leone Hat styling walls


Keep the space minimal. Sometimes the hardest part about the decorating process is editing. Make sure there is equal empty space between the hats. You want to allow areas where your eyes can rest. Take some notes from Marie Kondo and tidy up your space to procure an effective visual experience. We tend to lean towards a southwestern minimalism, pulling from elements of Scandinavian and Southwestern design. 


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