July 14, 2017

Behind the scenes: DYLANLEX

This is a woman who has created a brand out of a unique vision that balances abundance with minimalism.


There is something about putting on a piece of quality jewelry that makes you feel timeless. The force of jewelry can make women feel sexy, strong, and empowered. Dylanlex has become the industry leader for statement pieces. We sat down with creative director and founder Drew to get into the mind of the brain behind the Dylanlex movement.


Meet Drew Ginsburg...


Can you tell us a little bit about your design process?

Each piece varies, but for all of them, I spend the bulk of my time pulling inspiration and sketching out ideas, tearing up parts and putting them with other sketches until something fits. I have to really love the design, it has to be a piece that I cannot wait to wear otherwise I scrap it and start over. There is just constant tweaking from start to finish to make each piece just right.

How and where do you gather inspiration?

We pull inspiration from everything from an old brooch of my grandmothers to the knobs of an antique chest of drawers. I really love vintage shopping, that's definitely where I get most inspired. The craftsmanship is unlike anything I've ever seen.

Who are your style icons?

Diana Vreeland, Franca Sozzani, Iris Apfel

What is your most cherished piece you have designed and why?

The first piece I designed, our FALKOR. It was such an incredible thing seeing it made from a sketch for the first time. Every time I wear it I still get that feeling and it's a reminder of why I created this brand - to make timeless statement pieces that make women feel bold and empowered. That piece does it for me.

When you aren’t designing jewelry, what is your favorite thing to do in LA.

A Current Affair Market! It was started by my friend Richard, he has the most incredible vintage store called New Found. Current Affair brings together all of the best vintage dealers in LA. I rarely miss it.