May 05, 2020

AT HOME WITH // Elle our Head of Customer Service

8.00 AM

 My wake up call is from Tina the cat, fluffiest and sweetest alarm clock. Morning cuddles and rubs then I make the bed. 

8.30 AM

Black coffee with natural light, usually on my patio to get my day started. Make a tasty toast brekkie with fresh fruit + daily vitamins.

9.00 AM

Apply my face essentials (serum, moisturizer and make-up) then I get dressed for the day, generally styled with a hat.

10.00 AM

Depending on the day I set up my workstation in the living room or head into HQ. 

11.00 AM

Prep for any virtual appointments by setting up the office and organizing the newest collection to showcase. I love being able to connect with customers and meet people from all around the world!

2.00 PM

I am someone who eats snacks as a meal so you'll find me snacking away for lunch. 

6.00 PM

Make dinner while listening to music with a glass of wine and my roommate.

7.30 PM

Family face time, then a neighborhood walk. 

8.00 PM

Watch a show while winding down from the day. Bedtime with my diffuser going and sleep machine to get a good night's rest.